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The certainty of investing in a value recognized and acclaimed by many professionals

With an unwavering international focus, THEAULT is a renowned company in the equine industry and many have already entrusted it: breeders, owners, trainers, transport companies and even individuals. This is evidenced by the various fields of activity of its clients: racing (harness and galop), show jumping, dressage, eventing, endurance, trail riding or even driving…

Our ambassadors

Loyal THEAULT customers, they proudly sport the THEAULT colors on the biggest international competitions.


Professionals in the equine industry, they have entrusted the quality of the THEAULT vehicles...

Our decision to go with Theaut was based around the quality of the product of course and certainly its versatility: being able to load a mare and their foal together. Finally, the opportunity to use it by any staff member, as it only requires a standard driver’s licence, definitely influenced our decision to go ahead.

The van is very easy to operate. The horses travel really well in it, they don’t move. If I had the choice of any vehicle, I’d take it every day, it’s so easy to drive… No wonder my van is about to hit a million kilometers!

The horses travel very calmly in it, thanks to its low centre of gravity. You can drive it off a normal driver licence which is a huge benefit running a team of staff. It’s very smooth, very easy to drive. It’s good on long trips, it’s good in cities, it’s basically good anywhere! It has been a great addition to the stable and something I would definitively recommend to anyone looking at purchasing one!

We love our Theault and use it all the time. Highly recommend these vans. Horses travel very well.

The versatility of our PROTEO Switch makes it a strong asset to our valued team. Not only does the PROTEO Switch allow us to smoothly transport our runners to the different racecourses, it also performs our daily stud transport duties (stallions, mare and foal, emergencies, …). It is undeniable that on the road it truly flies our colours in style!

I was lucky to take possession of my brand new PROTEO Switch in September. I was so excited to drive home from the Blenheim Horse Trials with my new toy. Now that I have the chance to use it more regularly, I love it, it’s just a fantastic tool to work with!

Rob Petith Manager at Silverdale Farm (AU)
Rodney Bushby Owner of RB Horse Transport (AU)
Ciaron Maher Trainer at Ciaron Maher Racing (AU)
Mary Hanna Olympic Dressage Rider (AU)
Jo & Brendan Lindsay Owners of Cambridge Stud (NZ)
Mark Todd Olympic Eventing Rider (NZ)

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