Second hand vehicles

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Find your second hand vehicle

A truck for every need

Thanks to our wide range of avaialble used vehicles, you will find a selection of trucks from different configurations, brands and budgets. We also have some demonstration trucks with low mileage and very special price.

Quality is our priority

Second hand vehicles by THEAULT are overhauled by experienced professionals who follow a strict detailed inspection check.

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1. Checked at THEAULT Factory in Normandie

or at one of our partners

2. Complete inventory by an after-sales technician

We do a multiple point vehicle check on the body, inside and outside, in order to renovate horsebox.

3. Complete mechanical overhaul at the garage

Manufacturer qualified technicians do a complete check-up to ensure the vehicle is mechanically ready to drive your horses around.

4. Technical control in France

Trucks under 4 years of age are delivered with a technical control dated less than 6 months.

5. THEAULT body check-up

Within our workshop, our THEAULT technicians dedicated to after-sales jobs make sure your horses will be comfortable and safe in the revised second-hand horsebox.

6. Interior and exterior cleaning

Once the vehicle is renovated, the vehicle is fully cleaned inside and outside.

7. Ready-to-drive delivery

On the day of delivery, the THEAULT team will explain you all details to know about your vehicle. Delivery is also an option.

A to Z support

THEAULT second-hand grant a wide range of services to answer your needs

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