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Aston Martin Paris x THEAULT partnership


With the release of its first DBX SUV, Aston Martin Paris approached the famous French coachbuilder THEAULT to outline their common values, innovation and excellence.

What do one of the most prestigious British automotive brands and the most iconic French coachbuilder of horse vehicles have in common? The bucolic character of the landscapes of Wales and Normandy? Not only… Victories in competition? Almost! The meeting did not take place on a circuit, but on a racecourse.

On the occasion of the release of its first DBX SUV, Aston Martin Paris approached Théault on the basis that their respective customers shared a common passion for horses, not just for mechanical ones.

At Aston Martin, as at Théault, we do not compromise on quality and innovation which have made the reputation of the two brands. Building on this meeting, the famous French manufacturer, whose know-how is recognized by the EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) label, conceived an exclusive model. When the time came to develop a vehicle to ride with the most iconic British automotive brands, the Théault designers, coachbuilders and saddlers stretched their imagination to draw a model with culminating refinement.

Logically, the Morphéo, the brand’s top-end model, would seal this unprecedented rendezvous by meeting the most demanding expectations in terms of quality and innovations through an exclusive Limited Edition.

Exclusive, is probably what best characterizes this new Morphéo down to its smallest details. On the body side, the special colors offered enhance the sleek and slender design of the body. On the passenger side, a choice of unique leather colours, a wide range of options and luxurious carpentry are reserved for this Limited Edition. On the horse side, the SWITCH® system fitted as standard on this model makes it possible to instantly set up the configuration most suited to the horses’ morphology so they enjoy the same level of comfort.

These options, finishings and refinements evoke the high level of requirement and the exclusive nature, strictly reserved to this Limited Edition. A challenge that has proved to be successfu one for Théault!

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