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PROTEO Switch Centenary Edition


In this very special year, a new edition has been launched…

With over 100 years of know-how behind us, we have developed exclusive finishes. Symbols of French luxury by THEAULT, these finishings are available for our entire range.

From the choice of materials, textures and colors, we have created an exclusive design for you to (re)discover 1 century of history! Find out more about our flagship model, the PROTEO Switch…


Classy and timeless, we have selected a very special shade of grey, Arctic Grey, to dress our Centenary Edition….

This shade has been used since the beginning on various of our models, for example on the famous Citroën Type H, with a similar Antic Grey color scheme.

To celebrate one hundred years of know-how, we have redesigned our logo. It is now presented with a 100 that reflects our image and underlines the lines of our bodywork…

Horse part & Tackroom

Meticulous attention to detail is the characteristic of this new edition, right down to the horse parts. The upholstery is also provided with personalized THEAULT bridle holders.

With the Centenary Edition, choose a sophisticated design from A to Z…

The exclusive stitching features reserved for this range can also be found on the horse part. Available in a unique color, the protective padding on the sliding panels and doors guarantees transport comfort in a design thought out down to the smallest detail.


Last but not least, discover the finishes imagined for the cab…

This space is all about design! From the choice of leather colors to the finishings, a world of modernity and history awaits you.

The cabin perfectly combines one hundred years of THEAULT know-how with a harmonious blend of textures and patterns… Noble leather covers the seats and bench, as well as the steering wheel, doors and cab. The curtains are an elegant reference to the THEAULT monogram.

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